Maybe if you take the time and just write instructions how to put the water decals onto them -
your tricks and so on . . . that would help a lot of people.

and now some instructions:
you have some brand new and unapplied stickers for lettering. I want you to learn how to put'em on , so now it's the right time. Just wash your hands with water and soap, and wet at the same time the metal surface of the chassis that you are going to apply the stickers on with the same water and soap.
Then apply the sticker. Make sure that water and soap let the sticker slip on the surface. Find the right position and press away, with your wet fingers, all the air bubbles that you will find between the sticker and the chassis. Take all the time that you need to do a great job. When all the bubbles will disappear, let the chassis dry, before to work on the other side.
If some stupid bubble insist to stay, puncture it with a needle and press it down with fingers and hairdryer. The same hairdryer will help you to fix some eventual strange bend in the sticker, and to bend it around the upper corner of the frontpanel.

BS ;)

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